The first time I stepped out of cab on 5th Avenue in Manhattan I was wearing my cowgirl boots. Without a doubt I looked out of place in my kicks, scarf, and two jackets, but it was still one of the most magical moments of my life. As a young girl from a small town, I’d never imagined I’d make it to THE Big City. I had been planning my outfits for weeks, making adjustments with every forecast change. I knew that most people probably didn’t wear boots in the city, but after much internal debate, I knew they’d be a practical choice no matter the weather, and I believe at its core, style is self-expression. I chose to rock my kicks and it felt so right for my big city debut.

The new sensations I experienced on my travels became addicting. I began to explore as much as possible, as near or as far as I could. I’m continuously trying to expand my knowledge of photography and editing to attempt to express these wondrous places, and as always trying to find the perfect outfit for every occasion. Though I am far from being an expert in any of these areas I would love to share these experiences with you along the way!



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